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13 Foods That Do Your Eyes Good

We’ve heard tomatoes help your skin…And that Mediterranean foods are good for your heart, and a little agave nectar doesn’t hurt your libido. But what about our eyes? With help from the American Optometric Association and the California Optometric Association, we’ve gathered the following go-to foods for eye health.

Kale and spinach – Just one […]

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Simple Tips for Healthy Eyes

Your eyes are an important part of your health. There are many things you can do to keep them healthy and make sure you are seeing your best. Follow these simple steps for maintaining healthy eyes well into your golden years.

Have a comprehensive dilated eye exam. You might think your vision is fine or […]

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The Hottest Trends In Eyewear

Whether you sport geeky chic opticals or oversized aviators, you’re advocating eyewear trends – perhaps unknowingly. True, glasses help us to see, and protect our precious eyes from the sun’s glare. But most importantly, they are everyone’s favorite accessory.

This week, fashion forecaster Stylesight and Eyecessorize collaborated to host the Eyewear Product & Trend Review for spring/summer 2014. […]

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